Walla Walla: A Great Place for Kids

After living in a suburb of Boston for three years, I knew that’s not where I wanted to stay long-term.  Elite preschools preparing toddlers for Harvard, $350 tuition fees for fingerpainting classes, and private memberships to access a local pond made raising  a family there not only cost prohibitive, but exhausting.  While we enjoyed visiting historical sites and the town forest, our connection to the community was non-existent.

Moving to Walla Walla with our kids was a no-brainer.  Here are some reasons why:

  1. We have frequent, free festivals connecting us to our community.  Examples include the Multicultural Arts Festival, the Sweet Onion Festival, the 4th of July in the Park, and the Hot Air Balloon Festival.
  2. We have a vibrant 4-H program in our county and a great county fair each year.
  3. Our city parks and recreation department offers team sports and classes year round.
  4. Our city library offers special programs and reading incentives throughout the summer.
  5. We have lots of history museums like Fort Walla Walla, the Whitman Mission, and the Kirkman House Museum.
  6. We have a wonderful Children’s Museum that can be rented for birthday parties.
  7. We have lots of beautiful and well maintained parks, a splash pad, and a public swimming pool.
  8. The YMCA, Campfire, and many local churches offer affordable day camps during the summer months.
  9. No one has to pay to fish or swim in Bennington Lake and it’s free to hike the trails too.
  10. While we do not have a town forest, the Umatilla National Forest isn’t far away.



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