Keep Costs Down as the Temp Goes up

As summer brings higher temperatures, it can also bring higher energy costs.  Follow these simple tips to prevent that from happening.

  • Acclimate to the rising temperature outside by raising the temperature inside.  Try to set the thermostat to 78* in the summer, which may feel cool compared to the heat outside.
  • Try to keep the setting on your thermostat constant.  Frequently re-adjusting the temperature wastes energy.
  • Use the stove top, microwave, or barbeque outside rather than using your oven during the summer heat.
  • Make sure there are no lamps or televisions near your thermostat.  It will register the heat from the appliances and work harder and longer than necessary.
  • Use an exhaust fan when showering or cooking to vent the warm air.
  • Avoid using your heat producing appliances like your dishwasher during the day.  Save those dirty dishes until the cool of the evening.
  • Make sure your cooling system filters are clean.  Dust build-up makes them less efficient.  Filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month.
  • Installing a ceiling fan in the room you use the most can make it feel like it is five degrees cooler.  It is something to consider we trying to beat the heat.

Hopefully these ideas will help your energy bill stay low as the temperatures start to rise and help you to love where you live.